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Can you over use the words “I love you”?

Even though you truly mean it every time you say it or feel it every time it’s said, is there such a thing as over doing it?

Can maybe hearing it lessen the effect of it each time?

What should the limit of those words be, if there should be one?

When do you think are appropriate times to hear or say “I Love You.”?

2 thoughts on “Lend Me an Opinion”

  1. You can never express your affection and love for some one too much. I think if actions seem counter intuitive however, the words lose power. It’s one thing to say “I love you” but taking the time to show it validates it.
    When is appropriate to say it? When you feel it bursting in your heart 🙂

  2. Saying it is different than doing something to prove it. if you feel like it is being used too much and “lessening the meaning” make it fun and think of clever ways to say it as a surprise to your loved one. Like “hey baby guess what!!!” “What!” “Just wanted to say I love you :)” It makes it fun and will keep your partner on his/her toes. have fun with it. Hope you are just feeling the “I love yous” are the only ones that are losing its meaning not that you are losing the spark with your partner. Good Luck

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