Loss of a FRIEND

Last night I lost one of my close friends. She was also family to me. She came into my life as a young child, struggling with a torn family. I spent time with her everyday to fill the gap she was missing in her life. Maybe I got to close!?! She went every where with me and I went every where with her as well. I already miss her and its only been 1 day. She grew up right before my eyes into a young women. She decided I was not good for her to be with in public as I was to intimidating. It crushed me. It all started with a get together with for a team activity. I was asked to help with it and she didn’t want me there. Her words where “I will have to behave”. Which in turn made me want to be there more. I asked her what the real reason was she didn’t want me to volunteer to help was and that’s when she said “you scare and intimidate me in public & around my friends”. I was instantly crushed and upset. So then I said you want me to stay away and not go any where with you? The she back peddled. I then could not see her without my blood pressure going through the roof. I then left her and stayed away all night. Today I am still hurt and feeling like I lost a friend. Her parents talked to her and she pretty much said that’s not what she meant. Eve thought that’s not what she meant that’s how it came out and it still hurts. If you are wondering this is about a 15 year old and myself. I am her adopted aunt. I do everything for her, but that is going to slow down. We will never have the close relationship that we had before.

2 thoughts on “Loss of a FRIEND”

  1. If you would talk that over.. maybe that could possibly be resolved.. you just need to talk to her.. your friendship could still be save.. you two will be fine again..I hope so..

  2. I’m sorry that your friend betrayed you.
    I do not know your age, but I do remember at 15 years old I myself was a total head case. There were many occasions I stuck my foot in my mouth because I spoke my own thoughts too sharp and blunted and overlooked the thoughts and feelings of those I talked to. I was ignorant on ways to speak my own point of view respectfully.

    I know her words have hurt you, but what was her underlying point and is there any truth there? I once had the misfortune to have to tell my husband that his crass behavior in public embarrasses me. I am sure the message hurt him, but at the same time it was something rather important to our marriage and if it couldn’t be corrected and resolved than the relationship would have kept deteriorating.

    I don’t know enough about the situation you are in that would make the young teenager say those things about you… but I’m sure you know the truth of the whole situation. I am very sorry that you have been slighted in this manner. I hope you find peace. Much love.

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