I’m trying hard but struggling with my daughters move. She is getting older and finding other things to fill her time. Her new step dad and his family have her all excited. I do get it. It’s just hard finding out how little I am missed. At least openly missed. I know my ex could care less if I see her and she makes it tough many times. I get made to feel guilty if I want to see her and she already has plans, which is most of the time. If I insist on seeing her then I am made out to be the bad guy. It doesn’t seem fair and as much as it kills me inside, I just can’t push her. If she doesn’t want to see me, I am not going to force her. I don’t think it’s because she doesn’t, she just has so much new in her life I’m kind of on the back burner.

I’m missing my sunshine. It’s my fault since I seem to have been so busy of late. I don’t feel out of touch but I want more contact. She is growing every day. I push her and make her do things I know aren’t easy for her and she has done great at completing all I ask her to do. I know in my heart I am pushing her in the right direction. I really have not asked her to do anything excessive or that difficult. She is learning me and I am learning her. I know as Wwe continue that the tasks with increase in difficulty and daring. I hope she is ready. She changed her fet profile to state she in not interested in connecting with any new Doms. I believe I am who she needs at this time in her journey and I think she feels the same. I know she has insecurities but I am very aware that I must reassure her that I am here and going nowhere. It would be amazing if I could just hold her in my arms but I know and understand how it must be. At least for the moment and I am fine with it. And so Oour journey continues.

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