my culinary diary. week 1

i decided to start a journal about my personal experience in the culinary industry.
i won’t say where i work, give any names, or post recipes. my goal is just to write myself little things that i pick up from my experience in this industry.

first and foremost this is a tough industry, in every aspect of the word. it’s a tough environment full of sharp object and very hot stuff, hard on your body all the heavy lifting and the long hours, attitudes form chefs and cook (by that i mean their character and mannerisms not them being rude).
until you have been in it you don’t realize the extent of how true this is. once you’re in and you’re used to it, this seem exaggerated.

in culinary school i was taught many things. they teach you the very basics of cooking and advise you on what it’s like in a restaurant. once working, you use everything you learned from school and continue learning. its defiantly a learn by experience type thing.

i have worked in a few other places, and this is my second week at a new place. its not what im used to but i need to adapt. i know this is a great place to work and wonderful opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skill. i couldn’t be more excited to be where i am.
what i want the most out of these journals is to share what i want to improve on and become more skilled in. for lack of a better term, a life lesson.
during my first week, i learned to write everything down, study the menu, plate ups, recipes if needed to, get familiar with where things are in the kitchen.

the first week anywhere is always going have a lot of information thrown at you, and the most important thing is to take in as much as you can. it helps the rest of the cook and chef, it also helps you. you gotta save your own ass.

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