One of the saddest thing I’ve ever heard..

Yesterday was an unforgettable day for me.. but it was also yesterday that I figured out something really sad about our former classmate.. it made me cry though.. some students saw it.. I just laughed it off.. don’t want them to see me like that.. I myself didn’t expect it.. that It would make me cry.. hearing her story made me terribly sad.. I feel so sorry for her.. for what she had been through.. if that happened to me, I don’t think I can surpass it..

I feel so sad for her coz when she needed her friends..  they just turned their back on her.. even though they know the full story.. they knew where she was coming from..  but still they judged her.. they were the first one to do it.. they are the first one to spread bad things about her.. what kind of friends would do that?!! 😤If I only knew.. I could have been her friend.. a friend that she really need😢.. we never really became close.. but I knew her..  she is a good person until now.. can’t blame her for all she did coz she had been through worst.. it is possibly the worst thing that could happen to every girl or women.. 

A lot of questions are going through in my head right now that I want to ask her.. I want to reach out to her.. but I don’t know where to start.. I’m afraid that if I talk to her about those things.. she might get offended.. which is what wouldn’t want to happen.. I want to ask her if she’s fine.. but i can’t coz if she knew that I knew..  maybe she would feel ashamed of herself.. I want her to know that she is not alone.. but I know she will be happy.. when the time comes.. it would heal her.. 

I don’t really understand why there are people who could do such horrible things.. don’t they have conscience?!  How could they sleep at night knowing they ruined someone else’s life..

We should really never judge a person base on what they’ve done unless we know where they are coming from.. it’s sad that when you know something bad was going on but you can’t do anything about it.. I really hate that feeling.. sorry can’t go into details.. but if you want to ask anything.. I’ll see if I can answer it through email.. good thing we don’t have classes for this week.. so I would really try my best to reach out to her.. 




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