The bus ride :)

I got to the bus station and the women said that I was not aloud to get on it because im underage and it is nighttime.. last time tho I had and it is a recent rule that I honestly think is stupid because I like riding the bus at night.. anyway I told the women that I had just gone an hour away and that ir really sucked and she was like wait a second and went and talked to the bus driver and she came back after a few minutes and told me that just this once she would let me..

that honestly made me sooo happy.. like thank you wonderful lady.. so I waited for the time to go with my mom, Nathan, and baby Shaun.. and it was a 30 minute wait then I said bye to my people and I got on the bus the driver had me sit in the front tho and he has been talking to me.. thank you sir also for letting me on your bus..

so now im on my laptop on the wonderful buses wifi typing this.. it is going to be a long ride..

I love the night it makes me really happy.. like I feel at peace but some night are the total opposite.. anybody else feel that way?

goodbye for now have a perfect day 🙂

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