Thoughts for my son

It’s a snowy cold afternoon, you’ve been home with a fever/chills.  I think you’re on the tail end of this little bug now.  You’re napping on the couch and your Dad is working downstairs.  I’m taking some time to journal while you snooze.  Two years has flown by so fast – you are growing so big and you are learning more and more everyday.  

You love saying colors and you’re obsessed with the show Little Einsteins and want to watch it over and over again.  Your Dad and I are considering moving to a different town – which would mean you’d be further away from your aunts and uncles but it may be an exciting adventure for all of us to start our own life together.  

If there is advice I can leave for you — it’s to follow your heart.  Never hold yourself or others back by sadness, fear or anger or guilt.  It’s OK to feel sad when parting ways or saying goodbye – just don’t let the sadness ruin the good moments or the relationship you have with others.  

Always be in life with an open heart and open mind.  Let in all the experiences from everyone you encounter in your life – there’s love and laughter to be found in everything you encounter.  Even if it’s just hte love of walking away from something that doesn’t suit you : ). 

Don’t get bogged down by “well they say…”  and all the never ending pieces of advice floating around out there.  Sometimes you just got to do instead of listen, ask, question, or doubt.  



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