Is it just me that feels like I’m waiting for something. Whether it’s change or someone I feel like that’s all I ever do: wait. To be honest with you I’m getting so tired of it I really just want to give up, but there’s always this little voice in my head saying when the wait is over things will get better and everything will be lovely again. Is it just me because I want to know I’m not the only one clinging on to hope despite everything going on in my head. 

2 thoughts on “W A I T”

  1. you are not the only one that feels this way each one of us in our own ways feel this at certain times and in its own glorified way it makes us believe we are not good enough just wait and see is what they say ..and it will get better and time heals ..true these words are and yet we still feel like waiting is the hardest part ..but we are you are strong and will triumph because you are you no matter how long it takes and when one is not looking or trying it will come ..pay it forward to others and it will be returned to you maybe not now not tomorrow but it will and you will see that you were the smile and joy for all to see so yes waiting is hard but you can and shall overcome and succeed ~because you are you noone else can be you !

  2. You are not the only one that’s still clinging on to hope.. don’t ever give up.. always remember that you are not the only one who is going through something.. good things comes to those who wait.. just hold on to it..

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