What’s the point?

I find myself often taking away from my own enjoyment of something if what I’m engaging in is: 

  1. Not something I can use to make money
  2. Isn’t something others will appreciate, understand, or identify or engage in
  3. Don’t have a clear purpose or intention with the activity 

There are many reasons for this.  The first being about money — well that’s an easy one as this is the message I’ve gotten my entire life – money money money.  Make money, a job is to earn money, and hobbies aren’t really worth it or cool if you can’t make money.  Nothing is successful if you don’t make money.  

Number two – definitely my own ego and inner self who desires a life in the lime light and values others’ opinions but also my desire to help others.  

Number three – I’m practical and driven and if something doesn’t fit into a picture with a clear purpose I often put it off to the side and feel it isn’t worth while.  

But does everything have to be a way to make money?  No.  Does everything have to be for someone else?  No.  I just took some time to go paint the other night.  I haven’t painted in quite some time and it was amazing!  It felt so good – for a long while I didn’t think I’d keep up with my painting as a hobby because it felt wasteful to make all these paintings, or because I never painted anything to fit my own home, or didn’t want to worry about selling my paintings, the list goes on and on.  I forgot simply how much the freedom of throwing around paint colors on a canvas can make me feel engaged, excited, free, and just let me unplug from the day and my own worries or thoughts.  So even if there is only the point of my own happiness – then so be it.  I think that’s reason enough.  

Also, with a new technique I saw from another artist I have the opportunity to reuse materials to make new pieces of art – which is super cool for me.  

And I remembered the point sometimes is – do what makes you happy.  Be happy.  I took a night where my mood was not good and was able to spend an hour in my own artistic world and come out a different person in a better mindset.  

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