A small place: Kincaid J. Reflection

According to the Postcolonial sphere of the Caribbean region, the majority of Antiguan had been suffered from a British colonization until they reached independence in 1981. However, another painful was not terminated due to the investment fraud, one of Antiguan government corruption charged by U.S. and Japanese investors. So, it is known as a tourist location, especially for American tourist.
At the first scenario narrates the Antigua perspective in which how people got painful from their government corruption. This statement has been raising the name of the worst Prime Minister “Bird”. However, Kincaid also shows a positive visualization of her motherland later by saying “What a beautiful island Antigua is more beautiful than any of the other islands you have seen…”.
Kincaid not just mentioned about how much money important for indigenous people which has been shown in the scene of a taxi driver quotes his price to a white customer. This illustration is starting to show the Orientalism of customer thought that a taxi driver cheated by breaking his word of pricing in U.S. dollar. However, a taxi driver turned to show his price sheet to obey the law.
Also, she mentioned about the Japanese brand- new car that looked too expensive for being as the vehicle for a bad road there. This Kincaid’s perspective, she demonstrates another fraud administrative in Antigua that imported a lot of Japanese car for laundering behind.
Likewise, she explained why tourists who wish to travel to Antigua should to bring their books on their own because this island had suffered from physical damaging by Earthquake. This is a reason of demolished of the Antigua wisdom building.
Furthermore, Kincaid also inserted some irony into her work of tourist in what they want to see in Antigua is differently from the place where they come from. This scenario she made the comparison between New York and Saint John things.
Additionally, she talked about how tourists behaved their luxury life style on the Antigua people suffering. She referred the tourist good and clean consuming things such as food or dress. But in reality, local people wanted to escape from poverty by pointed the horizon, color of water to refer a North American land.
Lastly, she using subject pronouns “You” to represent the tourist and “I” for representing herself as Antigua islander. She was repeated “You” and “I”, in the last terms, mean no one know, think, feel and touch of the painful of islander how much they suffered during the colonization. Thus, do not judge Antiguan physically because they are better, softer and nicer than the outsider who may look good from the objects they use, wear or eat. In factuality, those objects came from what islander had been taken their advantages.
In summary, A Small Place of Kincaid based on Antigua politics and economics by mentioning a tourist industry in Antigua as a Neo-Colonial. And also, racial discrimination of white people oriented Antiguan by judging from what they had been being seen. And in contrastively, their enchantments had been departed from people they were looking down and those were giving their enjoyableness.

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