Well, Carnival is of course one of my favorites holiday of the year! It is an enormous party here in Brazil, and thank God, in my city there is the biggest club of latin America. 

I’m sad Carnival is over, I mean, tomorrow is also holiday, but the parties are over. I had a great time this year. It was so good to be at the club, I felt like I really was enjoying my teenager years, and this is the feeling I want to feel everyday, or at least every weekend. It was crazy and insane. 

I have problems at home, but when I was there, enjoing, I felt like I was so free and happy. It was sunny, there were concerts, beach, drinks…. everything was perfect, and I love Brazil for that. This is my second year that I enjoy carnaval this much, and I can’t wait for next year to do it again 🙂 

My classes will return next monday, and I dont back go back to reality, I was living t he summer dream, the brazilian dream and now its over 🙁 at least Ive enjoyed it and I have great memories.

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