Introduce myself

My full name is Amornthakrit Chersuwan. I am Thai nationality with age 34 years old. I was born in Bangkok in 9th of April, 1981. I spend my childhood until I was 25 years old in Bangkok before I move to live in Chiang Mai.

After I graduated my vocational school I continued my Bachelor degree, majoring in Public Relations and in minor of Journalism from Bangkok University. Then, I started my first career as a Public Relations planner in a local PR agency near my home. I planned to make the events, selected the venue, categorized the guests, arranged the events schedule, and selected the models for cat walking. I spent almost a year before I started my Master degree.
Later on, I left my first job for study my Master in Advertising in from the same university, Bangkok University. After a year of studying Master at a night time, I followed my passion in Spanish language in further B.A. in Spanish Language and Philosophy from an opened university, Ramkamhaeng University. I finished my M.A. one year before I got my second B.A.

But after I tried to work as an account exclusive in the Ogilvy & Mother in Thailand, I felt I love to work in language field rather than an A.E. Then, I stated my internship in the Embassy of Mexico in Thailand for 5 months before I worked as a Spanish tour guide in Exotissimo Travel Thailand during a Spanish tourism high season for another 6 months. After that, I was a Spanish speaker freelancer as tour guide, Spanish teacher in high school and Spanish interpreter with Thai language in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. And I moved to live in Chiang Mai temporary.
A couple of years passed, I felt I was poor in English language, so I had been to study my English at Language Studies International institute in Brisbane, Australian for 9 months before I returned to my nowadays hometown, Chiang Mai and worked as a English language teacher in a vocational school.

In the meantime of teaching English I would like to gain another M.A. in English language in Thailand, but I could able to study Ph.D. in English at Mae Fah Luang University for 2 years before I left a program in a fact of there is not any expertise in my interest field for my dissertation. Then, I reexamined into M.A. in English and Communication at Chiang Mai University and I worked as a consular clerk in Myanmar general-consulate in Chiang Mai for 6 months before I left it for my study only until present time. And I already spend time of studying my M.A. in English for 1 and a half years with a desire to work as an interpreter and translator for my living.

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