So today wasn’t bad. It was the same as yesterday but I just have a whole lot more work to do. I have my first math 2 honors test tomorrow and I’m not really ready for it. She gave us 30 review questions for it so I’m going to do it and study all of the formulas and everything tonight. I swear; there has got to be a million different formulas in math. It’s crazy. Math comes fairly easy to me so I’m not stressing that bad. I should do fine in that class. I know a lot of people in there and my best friend is in there so I’m good. French is a whole different story. I absolutely dread French. It sucks so badly. Half the class is a bunch on anime nerds. Nothing against the fact that they like anime it’s just that it’s the only thing they talk about. It gets beyond annoying. The other half of the class is pretty chill. We pretty much divided the class between chill and weird. It has been like that since the first day of this semester. I have been more stressed this semester than any other semester.

So I have dated a few girls. One of the girls I talked too had this best friend. Let’s say that the girl I talked too was named Michele. Michele told her best friend literally everything we talked about. Literally everything. She told her best friend all of the private conversations. It was kind of messed up and I hated that she did that but if I wanted it to stop then we would have to stop also. So I kept it going. I talked to her about it countless times and she told me she wasn’t really going to stop. One time we talked about it and she would watch what she said. After she said that she still continued to tell her best friend my information. That’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves when I start talking to another girl. She will not tell my information or I’m ending. I will tell her my feelings and that does not need to be repeated to anybody else. I don’t care if it’s your best friend. I understand that she is your best friend and you tell her everything but tell her everything about yourself. Don’t tell her everything about me.

That’s pretty much it for today; nothing really exciting.

4 thoughts on “Nerds”

  1. What are your lessons in math?? What topics have you covered so far?? Just got curious if we have similar math the way.. the thing about the girl.. there are really some girls who can’t help it.. maybe she thought she owe her best friend every detail in her life coz they’re best friends..

  2. It’s rather interesting that you can just easily divide an entire class into “chill” and “weird”. People can’t just be halved and bunched into groups like that; they’re complicated creatures. And those anime “nerds” might actually be quite “chill” too, you know! Just because the only thing they talk about is anime doesn’t automatically make them “weird”.

  3. lol prettyinblack probably likes anime.. fuckk I like anime but it is his journal chill out and let the dude write what he thinks.

  4. Ashen: my math is based on a lot of different topics. It would be hard to sum it all into one thing. And about the thing with the girl, she could help. She told me it was bad and she wouldn’t do it again. She knew what she was doing. It wasn’t the fact that she couldn’t stop it was that she wouldn’t stop. It was her choice

    prettyinblack: Okay, well i enjoy that you think that but it’s simply the way it is. There are different groups. All the groups have something different from the other group that makes them special. It goes on in the economy today. There are different levels and one is simply better than the other one. I’m not saying the other group is bad i’m just saying it is different.

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