The Beautiful Truth

I am excited to share my books with you, especially The Beautiful Truth.  God gave me the material to write about.  It’s all true.  The title comes from a darling black lady in a nursing home I used to visit who would comment on God’s goodness and His love, and conclude “Honey, it’s the beautiful truth!”  And it is!  She built my faith very much, and I want to share the happiness and rest that can be found when we really believe in Jesus’ LOVE for us.  Not just His love for everybody, but His unique love for YOU.  The book tells you how to discover this and other encouraging notes.  It’s available at, Barnes and Noble, and Westbow Press, IN (a division of Thomas Nelson.)  I hope you will get a copy and read it!  It is full of joy and a few miracles (smile).  Don’t miss it!  Ask for The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson. 

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