Why won’t people talk TO me about what they think may or may not be true here in Saint Louis? Guilty people are talked to by police officers and whomever else in a seemingly official capacity, but no one comes and asks me! I have been a victim for a long time. People making money or whatever definitely have a reason to lie. Others have their opinions and that’s fine. I just get so scared by all the talk spreading because I already live in fear for myself and others.

All I get from most people is them telling me to get employed plus throwing in any lies they may feel like adding. I am also tired of people being so damn nosy. Do you know how hard it is to NOT give out information when my safety depends on it?

I freaking get interrorgated and tortured to talk for years and years. Everyone acts like I am just a slacker who needs to get my life together. O.K, not everyone, but it is overwhelming being alone and dealing with all of this out there in the big bad city all by myself.

I am so isolated. That was purposeful on othhers’ parts.

Also, I can’t figure out for the life of me why people are using each others’ lies and those people don’t talk to each other. Computers? How the hell do people change their outlook and story, knowing that at least one of the times they’re lying.

I am sick of being under the microscope with the spying, like hidden microphones put in my house. Those stupid weapons are killing me or at least causing some serious health problems for me.

Lovely, I am on camera or something and people read this shit as I tallk or parts of it.

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