To start here….. is to release my story

I am writing this under a pen name. One I have always had a connection with….It was the name I would have used had I run away from home as a child like I always wanted to do and never found the guts to carry through on.

For here I desire to be called by the name Nikki Far, I am writing here for privacy but also release the strain, stress and lessons I learned over the years. Much of what I write will appear in story form as these are my precious memories…that I’m told should not be part of my present reality and day to day life.

As an individual I am broken, my spelling and grammar is just as bad if not worse. You have been warned. I don’t know if I will write here regularly or not as of yet. But I look forward to this chance that I have stumbled upon to put my memories and feelings down so that they won’t be forgotten. Atleast that is my hope. This will conclude my first entry, wish me luck on moving forward with letting my secrets go.


~Nikki Far



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