Wednesdate!😊and girly stuff..

Today is just so happy.. 😀me my sister and my mother went to church coz its ash wednesday..then we went to the mall and eat out..girls day out..😊 I miss bonding with them.. my other sister got jealous when she found out that we went out.. just the three of us.. that was really unplanned..  when she found out she was like 😦 oh.. you went out.. and you didn’t invite me?? Haha..  and my sister was like 😒duh?? You have classes.. but yeah.. seriously.. that was her reaction.. she really gets jealous easily.. her expressions show it.. that happens alot in some siblings.. like us.. sometimes I don’t understand her coz she would not speak with me.. and I know I haven’t done something bad to her.. 

Earlier my sister and my mother keeps on bugging me to wear lipstick.. I was just like..😱noooo…😂😂 they won.. so I ended up wearing lipstick anyways..😒 .. I’m really not comfortable with it.. i keep on complaining about it.. I think I’m still too young for those stuff.. but others who are the same age as me..  already wears make up..  I don’t have problems with it..  but I want to be natural as much as possible.. but really what is the right age to wear make ups and stuff?? I don’t really care much about how I look.. but I’m conscious about it though.. that’s one thing that my girl classmates admire about me.. they said that I’m not like other girls who gets conscious of their looks from time to time.. checking on their faces.. looking at the mirror.. well I agree with them.. I am conscious with how I look too.. but not to the point where I would put make ups or check myself on the mirror from time to time.. for me it is better to be admired for who I really am than to be admired for what I’m not.. If people think I look good then thanks.. if they don’t it’s fine so be it.. I wouldn’t change myself for them..😜

So anyways.. I heard a news today.. my classmate posted on Facebook that we will be performing our playground demonstration once again.. I’m so excited about it.. though it’s not yet confirmed.. but I’m really hoping it’s true.. but it will make me even more darker..😔 black is beauty but.. I don’t want to be too dark! oh.. I miss school already.. I miss my friends..😢but when I’m back to school I always wish for a school break..😑 sometimes I don’t really understand myself😒.. but if you are a student or have been atleast.. then you probably understand..😃

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  1. Ashen, you sound like a very special girl. If you don’t want to wear lipstick, that’s okay. During these winter months lips dry out and get chapped, so you might like to use a natural color lip gloss. It will only make your lips shiny, not tinted. Keep on being special and wonderful.

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