Woman at Point Zero: El Saadawi N. Reflection

Since I read an author’s preface I perceived that El saadawi, as a writer, had her curious about women because she fought for Egyptian women social and freedom. At that time many women got arrested and she would to know how their lives behind the iron cage were; many of them had the mental affliction because of the pressure under the Arabian masculinity sphere. And her curious had compelled by her doctor friend who was working in prison who told her about a women would be killed under sentence of death by hanging in a reason of killing a man.
In chapter one, she had tried to confront with that women, Firdaus. Unfortunately, she was rejected. This brought her having more curious about how Firdaus was. However, before she was almost to surrender to see Firdaus she heard a warder called her for meeting with Firdaus. Until she saw Firdaus she started to feel in Firdaus’s ruthless eyes in which made her passion to know more about Firdaus’s life story before she would hang.
In chapter two, Firdaus started to tell her life by expressing her hatred of male gender. She was always spitting on a photo of a man in the newspaper, also she had mentioned that she was success in her work as a prostitute. Later on, she explained about the painful from her religion’s rite that made she missed the happiness that she would get from a boy next door who she felt good with.
Previous to expressing the vague warmness that she got when she was a little girl. She gave a hint about how her intimate uncle was good to her. Her faith memories had inserted with the bitterness of her heartless father. When her mother had given a boy, her father would be happy. Conversely, when her mother had given a girl, her father would harm her mother. And at the time of everybody had nothing to eat but her mother would keep some food for her father.
On the other hand, her intimate uncle was as a dream for her. He had given her education, student uniform, better life in school with nice classmates and the great pleasures which she was addicted. Unfortunately, his good things were disappeared when he got married with a woman who could bring him achieving in his education and professional. This had turned over her life regretful again when her aunt in law was not just ignored but distressed her dream of pleasure and injured her.
“…, every single man of them, has filled me with but one desire: to lift my hand and bring it smashing down on his face. But because I am a woman I have never had the courage to lift my hand. (P.11), from these statements I interpret that Firdaus was expressing her feeling to be as a subaltern gender in Arabian masculinity society; in her life she never used her hand touch any man face. Perhaps in her society women had no opportunity to choose their lover. But her career could bring her to touch a lot of man faces that it could make her feel like she had some more opportunities in society.
Furthermore, from my consideration of Firdaus’s situation as a prostitute who had killed a man and was going to be executed because of the crime. I think not just only her or any woman should to execute. But everyone who kills another life should to execute too. In addition, I think that not only killing human being is an injury, but every living life as animals is also harmness. The reason is I believe in every lives have their sensation and when they got killed they would be painful as a consequence of losing their future of their lives. Thus, I agree that she could be executed.

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