Another boring day..😑

This is just another boring day for me.. I really miss school.. it’s been only 3 days of not seeing my friends and classmates but it fells like months already.. 

Today is really boring.. I woke up past 8 am.. went back to sleep.. woke up past 1 pm.. and I found out I was home alone.. my eldest sister have work, my other sister have classes and so is my brother.. and my mother visited her cousin at the hospital.. she didn’t bother to wake me up.. so now I’m currently listening to music, watching tv like I was doing the whole day.. and writing this obviously.. I have few school works but I don’t feel like doing it..😉maybe tomorrow or the day after.. or never! But I can’t do that..😌 so that’s all for my day.. see?? My day is indeed boooring.😌

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