Currently in Art class, we have to draw something about recycling in our county. Everyone was choosing to write about the beach and alligators. I chose to draw a bear. A mad and angry bear whose habitat is being down to build towers and mansions. My Art teacher Mr. Turner gave me some of the ideas, but I knew I needed to draw a bear. I had close, very close encounters with them behind the apartment I’m living in. You know, I don’t feel scared at all. Of course, I do get annoyed when they push the trash can and tear the bags open in front of our door.

I think it’s really cool talking to people you don’t really get to talk to at all. It’s super cool when you two, or three, can have in common! And… you make friends. I have friends and it feels awesome. There’s this annoying kid in my seventh period class, I am pretty sure I wrote about him before, that if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t feel close to my country. Puerto Rico. He’s always forcing me to listen to salsa and merengue. Let me tell you, I am not very fond of those music genres, but I have grown to like it. Not like it, enjoy it

I am writing ’bout random stuff today because I have no idea what to write about. This is the longest I’ve written so far. I like writing in here, it makes me feel like my thoughts are being heard. I don’t write for the public though, ’cause this is exactly how I write in my notebook. I am almost done with the ninth book of the House of Night series, oh my God!

I want a phone. No, I don’t want to text or call anybody. (Sadly, the only person I would be talking to is Sam…or my mom). I just want to be able to listen to music at night. Read a book. Oh, by the way, I am not allowed to read books at home. If I do, they have to be non-fiction and motivational. Why? Because when I read I completely get away from here. I am in the book. If that makes sense.  Nine minutes till the school bell rings and lunch is over.

Another paragraph haha. I like them. It looks like I am writing a lot. Oh wait, I kinda am. I want to shoot. Sam invited me to those places where you pick up a gun and shoot a paper person..thing. I miss shooting. I would like to go hunting one day. People here in Florida do that a lot. My brother calls them rednecks and I have no idea why everyone does, too. Well, I have to start making my way to Art class in 2 minutes. I’ll think about posting a picture of m artwork next time.


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