So I got off the bus at like 11:30


I couldn’t find my dad or Cathy.. my dads girlfriend or fwbs blahhh

anyway I walked around the bus station outside with my stupid phone..

it has no minutes and it died…

it was sooo cold anyway I went inside and just waiting kinda panicking

and Cathy came in and was like heyy your dad went looking for you.. and we went and looked for him and found him siting on the phone with somebody(Cathy thought Trudy younger siblings mother.)

and he said hi and that he missed me and loved me and hugged me and took my bag thank god because the wheels were broken and I was caring it and it was heavy..

anyway we went to the van and went back to Cathys place ..

and dad and Cathy ate some DUCK SOUP

and dad made me eat it

so ..


poor duck..

I felt terrible..

I don’t like eating meat or eating at all..

honestly lol

then I took a shower and brushed my teeth and all that..

then I went to bed and woke up at like 12 ..

and Cathy already went to work..

and my dad brought me to his house and I worked.. I mudded and put up dry wall and put the beds together for the kids and a book shelf and cleaned.. and took a shower and slept.. I went to bed at like 10.. but the bed was really uncomfy..

My dad drank whiskey all day that day it sucked..

I thought he stopped.. but he didn’t.. and he just sat in his chair..

so later at 8 I told him it was time for bed and hid his bottle..

the next day I woke up at 8 and he had not been up very unlike him he is usually up at 4 he must not be drinking a bottle a day like he was or he would be up and fine..

I woke him up and he was talking on the phone to people for his business and then he made the kids a sandwitch and stuff.. and we were going to bed late..

so he told me to start the car and take the keys out and lock it..

I did..

but when he went to his car and I helped him with his stuff.. the car was dead.. I didn’t start it.. I guess I just turned the radio and stuff on but it sounded like it started..

and he flipped out on me saying that I couldn’t do anything right and that may be true.. but I don’t have a car.. I don’t drive I don’t ever touch them and I usually sit in the backseat..

so he went and hooked up his battery thing and plugged it into the wall of his place.. and charged it in 3 minutes it seemed like..

anyway he made me cry and I really tried not to but I cant help it sometimes so I just looked out the window with my hood up I really love that sweatshirt because it is big and I feel safe and hidden in it even tho in reality im not.. I like to think I am tho..

his fist was pretty red he punched his steering wheel..

anyway he was still yelling at me and it was snowing really bad.. and we slid a few times because of how fast he was driving we made it a hour away in 20 mintues.. it was crazy..

and then he was waitng and he called to ask if he could go get juice since the kids were not at the church and nobody was.. the women told him that he was suppose to be ready and that he could not see them today because he did not call them at 3 like he was suppose to.. he did not know that..

and then she said you are suppose to tell me if you bring your daughter and he flipped out on her..

so I didn’t get to see the kids..

and then he said he was sorry to me..

and we left and then he called his drug test in and they said he had to take it in a hour..

so he tried to hurry and get over there because he was far away and we got stuck on the high way

and their were a ton of wrecks and the time on the gps kept builing up at first it was 10+ minutes then a hour then 2 and we winded up sitting there for 3 hours and people wouldn’t let us off and he winded up missing the drug test.. and it sucked..

and he was all mad..

because that really matters and is looked at as a failed test..

then we drove back to Cathys and they started argueing.. and it was just blah..

and he was leaving and went outside so I got my stuff together and he left me.. it kinda hurt.. a lot..haha but that’s my father..

so I called him and yelled at him and told him that he is my father and that he needs to come get me now..

and he just said spend time with her and have fun..

she fed me and I went to bed..

what a great two days(I was being sarcastic) 🙂

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