I have been thinking about faith and religion a lot lately. Mostly because you guys all seem to be religious, and your faith seems to affect you a lot, because you think of it so often and make decisions based on your faith.

Would it offend anyone if I said that I have no religion? I was raised without one. My parents don’t believe in anything, and the closest “religion” they have is little snippets of Chinese superstition and traditions. We celebrate Christmas and Easter, but not with a, you know, religious tone. I’m not Buddhist or anything either, so I’m basically an atheist. Or, in the words of this card I once saw on the internet, a godless heathen.

But then, I don’t know if I really do consider myself an atheist. Or godless. Atheists believe that there are no deities, that there is no God. But I don’t not believe in God, because I can’t prove that He doesn’t exist. And anyway, I do think that there must be something, someone out there who is to be feared and respected. There can’t just be nothing. So I suppose I believe in God because I don’t disbelieve in His existence.

Then again, I still don’t consider myself a part of any religion. I believe in God but I don’t believe in God the way a Christian believes in Him. I don’t go to church or, I don’t know, pray, or read the Bible. It’s more like I believe in Him by acknowledging that he’s there and watching…does that make sense? Like, I think of Him as more of a silent figure, who is always there. And I respect Him. But at the same time I also respect Buddha, who, to me, is just as watchful and silent as God. They’re all there in my head, and I follow the laws that they’ve made. It’s mostly because to me, they are…I don’t know, things that are bigger and older and wiser and far more powerful than anything on earth, and I think everyone, even an atheist, should respect that…you know, and not think too much of themselves or try to do anything really terrible, because there will be something that will see and punish them.

So really, religion, to me, is this way of accepting that there are things far larger and more eternal than anything humans could create. It’s faith in something out there–something beyond the universe. It’s faith that something–God, Allah, Buddha, whoever–is there, watching and existing. It’s faith that you hold in your heart and let guide you into becoming a better, kinder, more intelligent, more loving person. Religion is hope, and it’s faith, and faith is what keeps people living and going–even atheists, of course, because they must believe in other things: their family, their friends, love, knowledge or maybe just the human spirit.

My ideas might be kind of unacceptable to other people. I realized that as I was just reading over what I wrote. I never intended to offend anyone, or any religion.

But I am interested to hear what other people think about it all, so if you have something to say, just comment.

4 thoughts on “Faith”

  1. Incredible incredible post!

    I’m one of your Christian readers and in no way is this offensive at all. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion about what they do or do not believe. And you did that in such a gentle and heartfelt way, not knocking anyone’s beliefs but beautifully stating your own. The best part is, you’re not alone! I know many many many people who feel almost exactly like you do. Unsure of what’s out there but mindful that there could be a higher power, they’d just like to see proof. And I get that. If you weren’t raised in a household that emphasized one certain faith, it can be difficult to connect to one in later years. An ex boyfriend once said to me “Brittany you don’t understand. You asking me to believe in Jesus is like me asking you to believe in Santa.”
    And that really stuck with me.

    Over the years, Christians have earned this reputation for trying to press their beliefs on others, I guess you’d say – convert. And even though the Bible says as Christians that we should bring others to Christ, those folks who have given the faith such a horrible rep go about it the wrong way. They belittle non-believers .
    They feel and act superior. They constantly find fault. And they go about preaching in ineffective ways.

    Don’t get me wrong. Would I love it if someone said to me one day, “You’re the reason I’m a believer in Christ now.” One million percent absolutely!!! But! I’m not out there discouraging people or telling them that they’re wrong and I’m right for whatever they believe in. I’m just out there living my life and trying to be an good example for the Christian faith. That’s the best way to lead and influence, right? By example. If people like what I’m about, hopefully they’ll explore the Christian faith on their own time. If not, that’s okay too!

    It’s perfectly fine to have your own perception on religion. It doesn’t make you loved any less 🙂

  2. I agree with the above response. You expressed yourself very well without any hostility or accusation. I think you must be a beautiful person.
    I hope you will discover Jesus one day and find out that He loves you. He is not far away just watching. He loves you profoundly. What we often call Praying is just talking to God. Try it and believe that He hears and cares. See what might happen!
    The Bible says, If you seek Me you will find me, when you seek with all your heart.
    God bless you! Very much!

  3. So I never read this until now and I find it quite amazing how you don’t bring down other religions because you yourself do not necessarily believe in it. I can also say just like the other two comments that I am a very devout Christian. One thing you must know and Brittany pointed it out; Christians should never try and force our religion on other people. I hate the word religion. I don’t have a religion; I have a friendship. To force my religion on you would be like forcing you to love somebody you don’t know. It’s obscured. But my goal is not to force you to know my friend/father but to simply introduce you and others to him so you will also create a friendship with him.
    I pray that you make the right choices and I’m glad that you understand religions by themselves and do not try to almost disdain them.

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