My online friend


I got to meet my online friend Sam on the 11th of febuary.. a few days ago..

 we have been talking for about 8 months..

we met on whisper then talked on kik and Skype..

I told her a lot of my secrets.. things I have never told anybody and things that hurt me and stuff like that .. it was nice doing so.. and she told me lots of things..

she is amazing…

she is pretty and really smart and I think she is kinda silly and she loves Disney and yeah…

we like kinda the same music and she is an amazing friend.

I am so happy I got to meet her..

that’s actually the biggest reason why I came down here..

but when she came and picked me up I was so quiet and hardly talked and when I did it was agreeing with her or small stuff.. haha

so we got to her house and her room is adorable and I got to see her dogs that she showed me pictures of and we played games and fell asleep watching Netflix I spent the night and the next day we played more games..

but im so shy with her .. and I wish I wasn’t but I don’t want her not to like me..

but she took me home and she went back and we are planning on seeing each other on valentines day or Monday because if it snows her dad needs the truck so yayyy

and we plan to go out to eat and yup 🙂

2 thoughts on “My online friend”

  1. This is cute! I hope you two never get tired of each other and spend more days together! ^_^ I had an internet friend whom I later on kik’d with and we told each other a lot of personal things but he ended up lying to me about him not having a girlfriend. I wasn’t looking for a relationship with him or anything, but I guess he’s too ashamed to talk to me now. Which sucks coz it doesn’t matter to me; I just wanna know if he’s okay but I’m too hesitant to message him.

    Anyways, I’m glad that you had a great time with your online (and eventually real life) friend 😀 idk you but I’m happy for you haha

  2. The crazy thing about Sam is that she lied to me at first about being a guy and later on she told me she was a girl and blah.. she just felt like I wouldn’t like her so I had to get to know her again which kinda sucked.. but was totally worth it because she is amazing and she always will be. I honestly think you should.. but be very careful.

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