My Sucky Sixteen

I’ve told my friends a thousand times that bad things always happen around my birthday. They think I’m kidding; I’m not. First off, I had the worst weekend of my life. I got into another fight with my dad. Now I’m probably going back to my mom’s house, which I know is stupid as hell considering that that’s where all my problems began. But I thought it would be okay, because I still had my awesome, loyal boyfriend.Guess not. It wasn’t his fault, but I took it out on him when he broke up with me. God, I was trashed… I really haven’t eaten much since it happened on the 8th. It doesn’t feel right to be here, after school, without him. I brought it on myself… I guess I didn’t give him what he wanted. I don’t know what that is, but, hopefully, he’ll be mine again one day and I’ll learn. If he was reading this right now, I would tell him how sorry I am. I can’t think about him now. I don’t want to start crying all over again. After what I said to him, he hooked up with a senior. I hate that I can’t see what I did wrong. I love him, though. If he wasn’t completely lying, he at least did love me. I’m so sorry, King. So, tomorrow I turn sixteen, and I’m leaving all my friends behind cuz I can’t control my temper. The icing on top of the stinkin’  birthday cake is that I’m insanely lonely. I could go crazy and do everything in the sun to let out my feelings, or I could hold the pain in and suck it up until I explode. I choose option number one… 

Happy fucking birthday to me!

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  1. Do whatever you need to do to let all that built up anger, sadness and anxiety out! I don’t fully understand about your break up but if your really this affected by it, talk to him about it. It might give both of you some idea of where you both stand and maybe what could or will happen in the future. And I’m glad to know that at sixteen you can have such a full on relationship because a lot of parents think it’s irresponsible to let their children have those types of relationships early. But anyway hope it all turns out good 🙂

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