The Things We Can’t and Want to Change

When life depends on you on the things you accomplish more, things like you do everyday can make your life differently. But, you have to make sacrifices to make your life differently. If you don’t like your life right now; all you have to do is change it and believe you can change for the people you love and your families that help you with your problems. Everybody has a problem to solve. To solve a problem you need advice from someone you can trust with everything you have and everything you need in your life. But, sometimes trust isn’t enough to trust someone you’ve just met or somebody you barely know. Long enough to know someone very long to trust them with any secret you may have that you are dying to get out of your chest but you don’t quite know for sure you can tell them.  The things we can’t change are the things we wish we could change because you cannot change the past; only the future and I think you can change the present. Can you? Who out there would want to change something to make your life much better? The world will change if you are strong enough to change the world and make it a better place for the people to live peacefully and happy. Erase all the hate and all the negativity from your past and focus on your present and your future. What would you want to change about yourself if you could? What you couldn’t change?

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