Beauty in the Madness

I lay here reliving what occurred earlier

Generally in the past I would feel completely different

I’d feel that emptiness that consumes one afterwards

Instead I revel in every kiss, taste, body clench, twitch, and word 

I feel numb aside from the physical aspect

The physical aspect is what drives me, it consumes me

The hair pulling, lip biting, sucking, clothes grabbing, yelling out FUCK as I cum 

I’m a total addict, I could go all day long over and over and over and never get enough

I want it every single way possible

I want to be slammed up against a wall, bent over a counter, fucked in the shower

I want to be in control but also want to be controlled

I want to give in to every single fantasy I have

I want to be the one on my knees begging and also the person demanding someone to beg

The fact that words as simple as “you’re mine” make me so wet I soak through my pants

I want to be completely Dominated with words then fucked gently into submission

I want to beg over and over as I’m bound and kissed and licked everywhere

I want to be the one to hover over my partner as they’re on their knees begging 

I want to hold them down and make them beg for my pussy on their lips

I crave cock down my throat til I gag and tears drip down my face

The look in their eyes as they degrade me knowing they’ll show sensitivity later

If only they knew the dirty things that go through my mind as I grip their clothes

I don’t think they could handle all the things I want them to do to me

I want them to take it all out on me and use me for their pleasure so I can see exactly how their mind works

I wait impatiently every second of the day for this

My body goes through agony daily craving this distraction

I restrain myself much like I would want them to restrain me, from making them fuck me every second I get 

If I had it my way I’d fulfill every single fantasy of theirs I possibly could 

I’d let them do whatever they wanted to my body, I’d let them have me anyway they wanted

The thought of all this makes me want to cum so bad but I’d rather wait 

The torture is worth it



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