Being Different & Heartbreaking

I’m very different from everyone else. People always treat me like I’m nothing. Like I’m not there. FYI, I am there. All my life I’ve a;ways been bullied everywhere I go. From the first day of kindergarten till now.  I cried a lot when the kids at school teased me and call me mean names. I didn’t like it. I totally hated it. Nobody likes being bullied. It is so mean. You won’t believe all the mean things the kids at school use to do to me. Enough said. Not gonna tell you because you will just feel sorry for me and maybe they’ll be tears and maybe worse. I don’t like telling people about my past because it’s just too embarrassing, hurtful and heartbreaking.

2 thoughts on “Being Different & Heartbreaking”

  1. Forgive them they know not what they do. Feel compassion for those who have hurt you and this will help ease the pain a bit. Understanding is the key at times.

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