Lectures on How You Never Lived Back Home Reflection

In my opinion, “Home” for Galang means the place where is her family was established in the Philippines, obviously. Not a home in America where is her family emigrated into.And I feel the warmness of her extended family where her Chinese-Filipino family has given the oriental disciplinary to her.
            As she compared between the ways she eats in her family with an American that “You grew up pouring chicken soy sauce dishes over beds of steamed rice never mashing potatoes until you were on your own, eating your meals with a spoon in your right hand, a fork in the left, marveling at the American and how they could balance entire meals on one fork, or the Chinese who could eat bowls of rice with two sticks…” [85].
            Moreover, her usual lifestyle is different from the lifestyle outside her home. She narrated that“…-the ones with blond hair and red hair and something someone called strawberry. The ones with eyes that change like the ocean-green to blue to seafoam,…You eyes have always been black. Your hair dark. Straight. No variety. [85]”.
            Also, she is not only in an American-born-Filipino culture, but also the Taglish language in which she is accommodated. She explained “To the kids at school, you were no different from the other Oriental girl, the one who spoke English with a chopped-up accent.” [85].
            Since, as an American-born-Filipina she feels uncomfortable to live in American culture as she expressed that “From the start, you were a piece that did not fit, never given the chance to be like the rest-…[85]”.
So that she admits to be herself in the land that she was not belong to as she mentioned “You cannot divorce yourself from yourself. You know you are the hyphen in American-born. Your identity scrawls the length and breadth of the page, American-born-girl. American-born-Filipina. [86].
            In sum, she emphasizes her alienation and the role taking among her family’s member that “Because a council of ancestors-including a few who are not yet dead, who are not even related to you-… And somehow, when you stand in the center of a room, and the others look on, you find yourself acting out your role. Smart American girl, beautiful Filipina, dutiful daughter.” [86].
Thus, the important of home in her sense is the Islander root from her original homeland in the Philippines where her ancestor had been survived from the colonization and suffered from the war. But not is The United State of America where her family migrated into.

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