Love yourself

Have you guys found that in this world; it is easier to love somebody else rather than love yourself.

Now this is not the case for everybody. But this is the case for a lot of people. We find ourselves loving others and loving other people’s characteristics and we bring ourselves down because we don’t have the same. I seriously disagree with this mindset but some people can’t help it. They simply can’t make themselves love the things that make them special. If you are reading this and you find yourself loving others over yourself then you need to stop and think. Think about all of the positive qualities about yourself. Has somebody ever complimented you and you just blew it off as nothing? What if they were being honest and they love that about you and they wish they had that same thing? Never take yourself for granted. Love yourself for who you are and never bring yourself down for something that you thing is bad. Other people want what you have and you should love that. But don’t be that person that brags about it. It’s okay to be proud of it but don’t overdo it.


Ah, so it’s finally Friday. I think we have all been waiting for this day all week. I know I have. I am beyond drained and I really need sleep. So during lunch today it started snowing. Like it was snowing pretty hard. It didn’t stick because it is in the 30’s. People were going crazy over it! It’s as if they have never seen snow. It’s like when you go to a hotel and all you want to do is go swimming in the pool but you know you have a pool back home that you never swim in. Nothing really exciting happened today so I don’t have an amazing story to tell you.

2 thoughts on “Love yourself”

  1. I think you can only love yourself when you realize how much God loves you. He created you and He is well-pleased with you, in spite of the mistakes we all make sometimes. Know that you are cherished by the Lord. It will change your life.

  2. I definitely feel that I’m one of the people who “invest” all the love they have into others, and i leave myself eith none.
    We are usually harder on ourselves thats why we cant just love ourselves unconditionally

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