my culinary diary. week 2

well this week started out okay. honestly, it just felt like i was floating on air, not a in a good way more like i was was just doing things without much reason, purpose, or direction.
almost, out of nowhere, i was just doing what i was being told to do, i say yes chef, and do it. it isn’t because my station needs it, and not because i put too much thought into why i needed it.
it all feels so aim less, and it scares the shit out of me. i should know what my station needs, the level of urgency with which i need to work with, and how to plan further ahead; hours later, days later. i don’t yet.
it’s my second week of work. my actual second week. as a new chef or a very young culinarian i keep telling myself; “i am new to this, this kitchen is new to me, and my coworkers are new to me. i am still adjusting.”
from the perspective of a more experienced culinarian; it is hard to work with someone not as experienced. expectations are higher and you know how valuable time is. wasting a second of it is already too much, which makes it easy to lose patience.

this week i wanna say the lessons are; work on your speed and plan ahead.

speed, because you never really know what the line is going to throw at you. if you take your time on something make 1,ooo percent sure you aren’t taking time away from the rest of the things you need to do (tickets or prep).
plan ahead, because you need to think of minutes, hours, days, in advance. if you make sure you’re well stocked on your line you are also guaranteed your next day will be smoother.

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