Ounce of the hope

Winter has almost gone . Spring will start soon but ask me what i’ve done till now and how much i’ve achieved? I would say __ i did nothing important and my exams will be appear soon … It stresses me too badly and besides all of this there are other things which really spoils my mood. My relative’s husband is ill and one girl is also ill at my school.. I’m worried about them so much and + my exams.. I’m hopeless , i’m feeling down and i feel my brain is empty even if i do something ( mum thinks i do too much).. 

I study but almost nothing stays in my mind forever . I wanna cry like a river but it wont change anything!!:((( i’m fool with giant dreams. I know nothing and i fear i wont pass well :(((( 

yesterday i was reading oxford students’ motivating rules and one of them i remembered better than any else. 

Even if you think it is late it may be too early yet .

i think i left too little time but this time i must use properly. 

I’m going. I have to study. I dont have a right to give up. Cause i’m not me i’m Martin Iden who became as smart as he couldnt even realize at first.. I must take an example. 


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