Today, my ex- boyfriend drove past me and about broke his neck, craning it to stare atme at the bus stop. He has been stalking me for years.

I just met two people who shotcalled at me and obviously knew who I was. They didn’t even bother to be subtle, but at least they weere nice about it. Sometimes people are really vicious and spit numbers and names at me like I am evil incarnate.

I will probably be freaked out by my ex- boyfriend stalking me in person today for a week, but i weas afraid of him while he was my boyfriend, near the end. He told me he would ruin my life. He said he was going to kill me in my sleep, apropos of nothing. I asked him if he was joking a day or two later and he said he changed his mind and he was going to kill me while I was awake so I could feel it. I could go on and on about other scary things he said, but I won’t. He also exploited me.

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  1. Oh yeah, and he was in a 4 door black sedan with Iowa plates and he’s not from Iowa and this is Saint Louis, MO. Did I mention that I broke up with him 6 years ago?

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