Moving Spot

I remember the day I confessed my feelings to my ex. It was stupid at first, now I know how important that moment was. It taught me to be brave – to have freedom from my concealed emotions. Although the result was negative, I still smiled. I would be lying if I say I don’t always hold onto our memories, because those days were the best. Although I can’t help comparing him to boys I meet, one thing is certain – I don’t love him now. He might still appear in my mind but I know everything is from the past. 

I’ve been waiting for his message for almost a year now because he thought we could be friends. I swore to myself that we can’t be friends because no matter how we casually talked to each other, I wondered a chance or even a little possibility that everything would be in my terms. But nothing happened, of course. I’m happy that he felt towards me was opposed to mine because I realize how lucky I am to be safe from hurting. 

My friends always tease me every time I hear his name because they thought I still care for him. I just get along with their joke but honestly, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if he has a girlfriend now or they make out or worst than that, because I’m tired. I’m tired of everything that involves with him. As people say, time heals all wounds – now, I certainly understand it. Although there are remaining scars, it doesn’t hurt anymore. The scars are remnants of what I experienced – a mark of lesson. 

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