Broken down

So today was a mix between a good and a bad day. We went out to a store called lifeway (a Christian store) to see if my necklace has come in. I ordered it and now I just have to wait. The necklace has sadly not come in. Hopefully it will be sometime soon because I want it. Next we went to a place called Joe mugs (a coffee store) and I got a strawberry cream frappe with whip cream. It was really good. My brother got a Reece frappe. I regret not getting that because it was also really good and Reece is my favorite candy. So I will have to get that the next time I was there. Next we went to Lowes because we are painting our walls grey and we need to find the right grey. After we bought some samples we went out to the car planning to go to another store but our car wouldn’t start up. I have no idea what was wrong with it but we called my father to come jump start us. So that put a hinder on the rest of our plans for the day. So there were some good and bad parts of the day. I think it evened out because I got coffee. I don’t think y’all understand how much I like coffee. I literally have the Starbucks machine. It’s the verismo 600 and I love it. I usually just make a peppermint Frappuccino while I’m at home. I want to get some more sauces so I can make different drinks but I haven’t been to the Starbucks store to buy anything.

Saturdays have got to be my favorite day of the week because I can finally sleep in. For the past two weeks I have got hardly any sleep just because I have schoolwork and home obligations that I must do.

So am I the only one who loves music? Like literally loves music? It pretty much fuels my day. I have got to have my daily dose of music and coffee to be able to talk to people. Music is amazing. I listen to it every day when I write my journal .I also need a massage. I would to go get a massage but I have absolutely no time to go get one. I think I need to put away one day of each month for a massage. That would be nice.

That’s pretty much it for today. I will keep y’all updated as I go along with life.

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  1. Lee, I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you get your necklace soon. Glad to know you are a Christian. I studied piano for 12 years, from the time I was 3. I was pretty good in college.
    Best wishes to you, and enjoy your coffee!

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