Crazy minds

Fuck can people get any dumber, like seriously. Just because I haven’t hooked up before apparently that makes me a lesbian…. If that were true I could of decided to hook up with a girl and then that’s it I’ve hooked up, like what the fuck happened to not hooking up because you don’t feel comfortable or your waiting for the perfect guy or even just because of self respect, fair enough most people now days thinks its ok to hook up- its nothing big, but I cherish it the same way I cherish my virginity, and honestly so much guys, well the ones that understand actually have so much respect for me and having respect and being treated with respect is the best thing ever. 

2 thoughts on “Crazy minds”

  1. grl…don’t let anyone beat you down because you aint a…HO…LOL…hooking up with just any guy…just to be fucking…whoa!!!! what does that say about your self esteem and self respect…NEEDY….is what I am thinking here….I know because I don’t hook up either…besides…it is hard enough to know who the right guy is…without confusing things any more than they already are?

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