Today was a little short with sunshine. I had a meeting and she wasn’t feeling well so I let her rest. I’m really feeling bad for her, she has been fighting her illness for almost 2 weeks. I just want her to feel better.

I shared more with her about submission and what I expect. So often a Dominant feels that what He wants, the submissive should just do whether she is capable or not. The submissive is given an unrealistic expectation and when she falls short she is punished. With me though, I strive to give My submissive reasonable goals and expectations so that they can be reached but I also understand if they aren’t reached, she knows that if she gives 100% effort that she will be praised even if she falls short. It’s all about effort. Give me everything you have and I can freely give everything I have. Give me less than everything and she will have consequences and more training will be required. In any relationship, not just a D/s relationship, each partner should give everything at all times. I know that there are times that everything on one day could be more or less than another day. Just give Me everything sunshine and I will support you and lift you up, not push you down. Believe me.

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