To me it seems the older we get the more friends we tend to lose.  Through out school and my work career I have always had male friends.  As we have all begun to get married and have families those friends soon fade away from being good friends to merely acquaintances.  Society makes people feel like a male and a female cannot be friends.  My husband respects and understands the fact U have male friends.  He never questions it.  One year before we got married I got a job working with all men.  A few years later I transfered to another job within the company.  Again all males.  I have tried to come friends with my male friends spouses.  They tend to look at me like I am the enemy.  Most the guys I am friends with I have been for several years.  There was never any sexual feelings there.  They came to me for advise and I went to them.  I am not sure why women feel their spouse cannot be friends with a female.  Many people ask me how would you feel if your husband has a female friend.  I would be fine with it, because he does.  What are other peoples thought on this.  Just one example how people in general perceive a man a women together.  I had lunch with a male coworker.  We both had on a shirt that had our company logo on it.  When the waitress brought the check she handed it to my male coworker.  We ask her to split it up.  She was shocked.  She said I thought you all were together.  We didn’t sit side by side, hold hands, or kiss.

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