Hello there!

Hello everyone (who am I even talking to?!), I am an 18 years old girl, who just needed a place where to share her thoughts without any filter and without having to worry about people judging her for what she writes. I am not from an anglophone country, but I don’t know, I feel like writing in english so please bear with me. I go to school (dah), I dance and-believe it or not-I also have friends! And with all of these things come those typical first world kid problems that I will share with whoever wants to read ’em. Basicaly I am just another teenager (wuddup username reference)!

K bye

P.S. Am I too basic for picking Comic Sans as a font?

4 thoughts on “Hello there!”

  1. Hey, just another teenager. I kinda feel the same like you…I just wanted to share my thoughts without getting judged by other stupid people and I think this is the place. I like your blog! X

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