Nothing much..😊

My day started off fun.. only until I saw something.. I really hate my curiosity.. 😫.. 

I went to school earlier for our group work that’s due on Monday.. it was fun coz we did get to bond a bit.. then we went to the mall after.. I love my close friend for staying with me coz I don’t want to go home yet.. we just kept on walking and walking up to nowhere.. up to where ever our feet would take us.. I had fun talking with him.. he’s a really good friend.. I can really talk to him about anything and I like his honesty.. I could tell him like everything.. I really enjoy annoying him at times.. 😂.. 

I have a school work that’s due on Monday but I don’t feel like doing it..😌..

It turns out that I was the only one whose happy that we will be performing again..😒.. they are all so negative.. yes.. it’s exhausting.. I hate those afternoon practice under the sun too.. but it will be paid off with appreciation.. they don’t see the brighter side of it..😑 they complain a lot..😌




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