Secrets hidden and locked far away only to be revealed when the moment is right

If I let them out, if I softly whispered them into your ear 

Held you down and told you the secrets of everything I want you to do

If I let them out, would you be able to handle the explicitness that rolls off my lips

I’m afraid to tell you, perhaps the invitation to do such things would be spurned 

They are however fantasies, secrets that remain in my mind, safe and sound

I look forward to the day when out of nowhere I grab you and tell you everything

To watch your eyes go from glazed and dim to wide and filled with questions

Maybe a part of the thrill is wanting to see if your eyes light up 

Proving that your inner perversions are the same as mine, just as depraved

I know all my misconceptions now were undoubtedly false

Yet I wonder would my imagination prove too disquieting for you





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