I’m not in the lest SAD about being alone…and truthfully don’t know that I can have a normal relationship. But at times…I just need and want someone to be there. I sometimes just long to be held…snuggle close and sleep a peaceful calm sleep. Maybe I’m just longing to be pampered. Feel like someone cares. I want someone to tell everyone to STOP….just let me be for a day! I guess ….be my voice for me. Mine seems to fall on deaf ears…or my voice becomes mute. Why?! I seriously don’t feel well…not a cold kind of not feel well…but a tired and drained I don’t want to function well. I do though…just like the next person has to. 

Where did all these men come from ? Silent for ever and bam…texting calling? Just leave me alone. Of course the one , I really want….well…We know how that story is ending. Try as I might it soooo makes my heart hurt…I feel as if I’ve done somthing wrong. Besides being me…perhaps I have unaware. I hate when people I care about go away…I guess the real reason we do…is We have to accept that we never ment much to them in the end. Maybe I’m heart broken and I just won’t accept it….its a thought.

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