I give too many fucks

You know, sometimes you just gotta give no fucks… let me explain. A couple days ago at school I felt really sick (I had troubles controlling my heart beat and breathing, basically I had an attack of tachycardia), and I asked the teacher if I could go outside to take some air. She told me yes, but when one of my classmates asked if she could come to check on me the teacher was very skeptical and that’s because she thought I was making that up… like what the fuck?? Really?! But the worst part of this “story” was when one of my classmates started picking on me because he didn’t believe me and he thought I was faking it to avoid a test on the next class… The point of this long and boring ass story is that most of you people will probably think “well, why do you even care about what people say?” and that’s the problem… I‘ve given too many fucks for as long as I can remeber, and I can’t help it but care so much about what peolpe think of me even in a situation like this when I was totally right… What do I do?? Any suggestion is welcome… (I’m very desperate)

K bye

P.S. Also, I feel so edgy for not writing about Valentine’s day on Valentine’s day… #thuglife (ok I’m done now)

One thought on “I give too many fucks”

  1. Don’t worry about the valentine thing, dear! I used to think like that but you have to learn that they are just classmates…I mean ofcourse you probably have a few people you like in class but whatever they say…they probably wanna make you feel bad or are jealous that you don’t have to make the test. Try to ignore it and think about this: You won’t even remember them in a few years, when you’re older. They’re stupid if they don’t appreciate you for who you are. You’ll feel better now, I hope you are okay again. Bye! X

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