my first SMEAR !

soo… After turning 25 last year and having my second child, I received a letter from my GP saying I was due my first smear! eek … scary , I booked my appointment and foolishly missed it! a few months past and I kept putting it to the bottom of my ‘to do list’. Then a friend of mine, who is just a couple of years older than me, was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer, this was a hit home for me and I booked the appointment straight away!

My best friend had just had her first smear, and advised me there was nothing to be worried about, she told me the lady who did hers also did her children’s injections, she felt uncomfortable that the lady had seen her hoohaa but the nurse made her feel at ease when she concentrated on the kids, and acted in a different manner compared to the day of her smear.

Doom day approached, I bathed just before leaving to go to the doctors, to make sure my flower was fresh as a daisy and of coarse smooth, lets be fair, betties aren’t the prettiest of things as it is and this poor woman has to see them probably on a daily basis, so least I could do is make mine the best I can, then at least I can find reassurance in the fact it wont be the worst she has seen!

As I walked into the nurses room, the elderly Yorkshire woman and her young assistant where sat there, lovely people, felt very comfortable, until I was asked to remove my bottoms and they didn’t even leave the room!! just turned there backs!! I did as I was told and laid on the bed, she shined a large light and inserted a device, by this point, as I lay on the bed with an old Yorkshire lass between my thighs, and a medical type clamp thing opening me up, I felt me and the nurse were officially well acquainted, I felt happy and more comfortable… well not comfortable, but not so awkward! Then she nicknamed my cervix in such a way that I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact this woman has met my children… and is now deep in my fadge!! she called it… (after struggling to find it) a cheeky monkey!!!

As important as these things are, I’m glad I only have to have one ever 3 years! at least its over and done with !

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