Last night my mom, my moms boyfriend, my brother, my brothers baby momma(not a girlfriend but kinda is.. idk), and then my nephew came here..

so now everyone is here ..

Yay (sarcastic yay.. kinda.. my dad I shouldn’t flip out on me with them here..)

so now everyone is here and my dad left at like 4am to go and open a drain..

and has not been back.. and it is 12:56 and im kinda happy about that..

im terrible I know.

it is snowing outside and looks sooo pretty..

but because it snowed I couldn’t go with Sam..

so blah that sucks..

so now im just sitting here with a weight.. (im a weakling tho it is only 5 and 5 on each side.. )

everyone is asleep..

except me..

so yup..




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