The one when I had to cry

I was staring at my laptop screen with tears rolling down my cheeks because again I had been so stupid to watch that sad video where Tony dies and…it reminds me of my mom. She’s still alive, thankfully. My mom is such an amazing and strong woman but the thing is, we are in a fight. We haven’t seen eachother in 4 months now and it hurts like hell not to see her or my little sister (1) anymore. My younger brother (9) and I (14) are living with our just as amazing dad in town. I just need to stop looking at fanmade videos about superfamily because I will get myself killed sometimes. They’re so sad. Anyways, I am trying to write a letter to my mom so we don’t have to talk over text already. I’m doing a pretty great job so far but I am not sure if I should sent it so soon after the fight. I’m just scared that she will reject me and never want to see me again, what I am refusing to believe because we are bonded by blood and we used to be so close, like sisters. I love her and she still loves me too. I won’t hesitate about that. So that’s the dark side of my past, we will only focus on the bright future again but I just had to tell this story, guys. You know what they say in many galaxy’s: May the force be with you. -JS

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  1. Hey! I don’t know how long ago the fight with your mum happened, but even if it was only yesterday, I don’t think it’s too soon! I mean, you said you are basically best friends therefore she is gonna forgive you whatever happened, I’m 100% positive! Also, a “sorry” is usually enough, but you are even writing a letter!! There is no way she is gonna be still mad at you when you opened your heart like this in such a poetic way! Let us know how things go and btw I’m sure they’re going amazingly (is “amazingly” even a word? Who knows…)

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