The one where I don’t know what to say

I’m a writer and normally…I always know what to say, especially writing but also when I talk to people but now I have no idea what to say nor write. Sometimes you have days or even weeks you’re just not in the mood or not inspired and that irritates me. I always wonder when that happens and I ask myself questions like, Did I lost my writing skills? or What could possibly be wrong with me? because I can usually always let my pen move along the paper but now I can’t. I just sit there and stare at the blank page with my pen in my hand while my mind wonders about everything, searching for something to write. It doesn’t need to be a big story or a poem, even one single word will be okay but I can’t find the right one. There must be something in the back of my head, a reason, why I can’t write. Maybe I am sad or…too tired to move my hand. Maybe…my head has trouble with putting the letters in the correct order to form a word. So this is what I will do: I’m gonna make some lunch for myself, watch some tv and try again later. And if I still don’t have any inspiration…I won’t write something today. It’s not a disaster if you give up. You can have a day off from all the thinking and just listen to some music. Life is given to you so you can enjoy it. Now if you excuse me, May the force be with you. -JS

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