The one where I give everyone a piece of my heart

I never do this, but this one time I would like to give everyone in the world a piece of my heart because some people do need this really bad. I had to go trough alot of sadness the last few months and I am finally recovering a bit and I don’t want anyone else ever have to suffer like I did or live like I did. Not on my watch and ofcourse, I can’t protect everybody but for the people who are reading this, please be sweet for others and let them read this message. Pay it forwards for a better world. I hope this will work and if not…The best thing I can do is try and give love to the people I can reach. This one is for Valentine’s day…although I don’t see what’s so special about the 14th. As always I will say one more thing to my fellow nerds, May the force be with you. -JS

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