The one with all the blogs

I was as usual checking my Facebook when I saw a screenshot in the group Sherlockians of John Watson’s blog where Sherlock, his collegue/best friend kept commenting that he solved the case all by his own and that he wanted to tell about it but nobody replied. The second blog was Sherlock’s own blog where you can send him questions if you have your own mystery you need to solve and how you figure out secret codes. It’s very interesting and I think you should all read it. The third blog was not really a blog but a very sad ¬†diary of Molly Hooper and how she met her boyfriend Jim Moriarty who appeared to be a fake and broke her heart and only used her to get closer and more information about Sherlock. The last one…is this one. My name is Jenna Stark, yes just like Iron Man. You should know that I am very addicted to the Avengers and as you can see, also Sherlock but it’s better then drugs, right? When I was reading all those blogs made me realize that it’s not a bad idea to start one for myself, especially when you’re a writer yourself, like me. Whoever may read this, to all of you: May the force be with you. And have a great day. -JS

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