what happen to true friends

We all ask what’s a true friend? AM I right? Well I’m realizing not to many r real anymore . We all do this were we either use people or r only there for when we want something but what happen to had written letter long talks and being a shoulder of support. It’s not there anymore. I’m done only being there for when people when they want something I am not someone who can be used. I am sick of listening to people. I have been the one with my husband helping so many people supporting so many that I am just tired of it. All I want is real friends for me and my husband to not be asked for help with food,bill,cars,ect. what people don’t understand is that all the times we have helped as put a strain on my marriage and with my husband away makes it so much harder . Yeshave done some things to cause my husband and i regret it with all my heart but where were my so called friends when i needed them. Who can agree that 90% of people use those who are always there for them and then don’t talk to them or ignore them unless they need something? We are all human and we all do it so no need to lie about it. This world we live in is a place now were we all use each other for the better of ourselves and no matter what we say its true, for example when we want to vent to a friend and they listen and give there advice after a day or two you stop talking to that person we call a friend. life sucks but all we can do is try to change it and try to make it the way it was before where people actually write long letter or call someone to talk about everyday life and to see how everyone is doing. I might be just talking no thin air but honestly i would really hope i touch one person out there in this life time to make them say “hey shes right ” and if i don’t who cares this is just me writing to talk and to show i am not just some girl who lets people use her or her husband for that fact. and the matter is we all need to say god brought this person in my life for a reason and he takes people out for a reason that doesn’t mean we chase down the people we lose. My husband is a great man and one day we both hope to help people and be there to teach people hey life is hard as hell but there are people who can help teach you to get through it. yes my husband is a felon but that’s a title not who he is at heart. we all make bad choices ,i know i did and yes my husband forgave me ,god forgave me and i am still waking up talking to the man i love and married.

Let me ask this has anyone ever felt like they are alone and cant handle anything life gives them. well me and my husband have been there and we are making every day a better place for us. i know it sounds crazy but there are good people out there who want to have true friends and true people who wanna be that extra strength and support.

so this is just me saything this as a reminder and as a friend. DON’T give up there is hope and there are good people out there.

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  1. I know things have been tough. it has for everyone in this family. i know what you mean by these so called friends. Its not like the time when we are back in high school and you see them during and after. when you get into a fight with someone they always had your back, either it was from someone talking to you behind your back or it was jumping in to throw the punches. now that we have gotten older we have walked further away from what friends wer to what they are now or have become. either its the ones who use or the ones who help payback in time or the ones who have your back on the spot. but many of them have the reasons why they cant help or the many that just come up with lame excusses. but in the end all the times that you have helped them and they dont help you back..they will regret the choices that they made not to but then again…in all reality…they are not your friends. they are not true friends…true friends are the ones you can call brother or sister the ones that you know if anything happens they will be there for you……….. isnt that right sis…always remember the past is the past. we all make mistakes. sometimes we do things we are only human. the future will bring forgiveness. the future can always be brighter. but you never know what it holds. God can guide us and the loved ones that we cherish..

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