whats is the true reason for valentines day

OK everyone its valentine’s day and how many of the woman out there are hoping to get the Big teddy bears,chocolates,jewelry and fancy dinner. Let me see is that the real reason for what valentine’s day is for, honestly i have to disagree with all of that. I believe its a fake day for single people to feel like the worst person on this earth because they have no one to share the moment with someone who loves them. I am sorry but i feel like this day is  one big lie.  One big horrible lie that no matter how much people say its the perfect day for love,perfect day for proposals and all that romantic stuff. I think it should be knows as a day that is made with love by family and caring friends who mean the world to that person.

Love has a definition-an intense feeling of deep affection. if its to be an intense feeling of deep affection then why is it we don’t show it any other days other then on this day  valentines day . I believe that we have one love we cant push away,we cant deny,and we cant run from and that love comes from God. for those who do not believe well here is you chance. cause you might be a lone today but if your reading this your not alone cause as today i am alone while my husband is away. So i am taking time to share my thoughts on feelings on valentines day. 

I personally hate this day,to me its a joke how so many people can spend so much money and waste it on food/chocolate cause it doesn’t last. jewelry okay i can understand that cause its sentimental and something to wear or show off. lol But really who and what would you do with a big teddy bear i could see if you have kids something for them to climb all over and snuggle with but come on we are adults we do not need those big things taking up more space then anything else. 

I think the most romantic idea or something that can show deep affection is a long love letter explain to that person how much you love them and how much they mean to. with putting in memories how you met that person and how that one person made your heart jump and how every inch of you needed that person to make you feel alive. or how when that person called or messages you its like your whole body gets warm and a fuzzy feeling or in so many terms like the world just stopped.  The feeling of when that person can make you feel like no matter how depressed you are they know how to make you feel better and feel like someone knows how to feel like your important or to impress anyone cause that one person is already impressed with you and nothing about you needs to change. 

yes i am a major romantic but i am not one to go all out either. Lets get everyone involved how about all of you send me you idea or romance or tell me about how you and your loved one fell in love. 




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